• Restorative Mondays
    with Bonnie Pariser, Deb Kline, Jennifer Philburn

    Deeply rest in restorative poses and a long relaxation.  Enjoy the rejuvenation that can only come from restorative yoga.  All levels  encouraged to attend. 

    $15 per session

  • Reclaim Your Body
    with Bonnie Pariser

    Reclaiming Your BodyA course to increase your range of motion, balance and health by  creating fascia freedom.

     See http://www.yoga-loka.com/reclaim-your-body-course.html for more details 


  • Fascia Basics 101
    with Bonnie Pariser

    Are you interested in Fascia and what it does? Do you want to have a better understanding of what it is, what it is doing, how it holds your body together, and what to do when it is tense, tight and cranky?

    Join Bonnie in this journey through the fascia!  Get to know this elusive and important tissue that pervades your body. We will be doing practices to help us become more sensitive and responsive to fascial tightness. You will learn how to release it on your own at home.

    No previous yoga experience required.  Come dressed in comfortable clothing as we will be moving our bodies.


  • TRE Group class
    with Bonnie Pariser

    TRE Group Sessions- Practice TRE in a class setting.  4th Monday of each month.  (For more information on TRE see http://www.yoga-loka.com/tre1.html)  $15 per session

  • Yin Yoga for Digestion
    with Sally Miller

    Many of us suffer from uncomfortable or painful digestive issues. In this two-hour yin yoga session, we'll explore how gently pressurizing the fascia along the stomach and spleen meridians can provide incredible, lasting relief. You'll also learn a shorter yin sequence you can do at home on a regular basis. Open to all levels. 

    2:00-4:00 pm

    Fee: $35 pre-registration before 9/25 ; $40 after

  • Hip Anatomy Training
    with Bonnie Pariser

    "It's your psoas!"

    If you have ever heard that  from a massage therapist or chiropractor and wondered what that meant, now is your chance to find out!

    The psoas does so much for us, yet we know so little about them!  Except maybe that they hurt, or are causing us problems.

    Learn more about your hips with Yoga therapist Bonnie Pariser. How exactly does the hip bone connect to the thigh bone and what does that have to do with the psoas?  What muscles hold what where and what may be irritating you.

    What can you do about your psoas?  Come to this workshop and find out!  In addition to learning the anatomy we will learn exercises to help free the psoas.

    Fee: $65 pre-registration discount until 10/1. $80 after 10/1

    All registrations required before 10/10

  • Chakras and your subtle anatomy I
    with Bonnie Pariser

    During this workshop we will engage in various yoga practices as outlined in classical and tantra yoga to connect to our energetic and subtle anatomy.
    Chakras, central channel, nadis, will be introduced and explored.

    These practices can be done at home on a regular basis to help increase your connection to your self. Along with this connection you can expect a higher sense of contentment, joy, awareness and discernment.

    While these retreats are open to all who are interested, prior meditation experience is helpful.

  • Sanskrit and your subtle anatomy
    with Bonnie Pariser

    Sanskrit is the “polished” language that is used for chanting, in spiritual texts, and all yoga practices. The alphabet is used to access prana and the subtle anatomy.

    In this workshop you will learn about this sanskrit alphabet, some of the powers of the letters, pronunciation and applications of the language, and ways of practicing with the alphabet at home.

    No previous experience is needed.

    Fee: $65 pre-registration discount until 10/25. $75 after. 

  • Emotional Liberation with the Dakini Mandala and TRE
    with Bonnie Pariser

    Join Bonnie for this 2-day retreat where you will study the Dakini Mandala of Emotions and learn other tools, including TRE and self study. Learn how the senses interact with the elements, and how the elements and pranic shifts influence our emotions and our responses to them.

    These tools will help you master your emotions rather than being a slave to them.

    Fees: $300 for the weekend; $75 discount for early registration by 11/1