• TRE Holiday Series


    Everything you need for a truly Happy Holiday! 


    •   Reduces Symptoms of PTSD

    •   More Energy & Endurance

    •   Better Sleep

    •   Less Relationship Conflict

    •   Reduced Muscle & Back Pain- Happier body!

    •   Greater Emotional Resiliency- Happier you!

    •   Less Worry & Anxiety 
    •   Improved Digestion

    Wednesdays, 6:30 to 7:15. 12/19.



  • Winter Solstice 2018
    with Bonnie Pariser

    The Winter Solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year, is a time to draw inward and nurture oneself. Join Bonnie for a special night of easy asana, meditation, and deep relaxation, all to the sounds of beautiful live music by Heidi Breyer. This class is appropriate for all levels.

    Friday, 12/21 - 7:30 pm to 9 pm.

    $35 if registered by 12/15. $45 afterwards. Space is limited, so register ASAP!

  • New Year's Day 2019
    with David Pittenger

    WELCOME 2019!

    Begin the new year refreshed with new purpose. Join David Pittenger to make a resolution of peace with clear intention. Empower through embodying your practice with asana, mantra, and meditation.

    This is an all-level class. Space is limited and registration is required by 12/28, so reserve your spot ASAP!

    Tuesday 1/1, 11 AM to 1 PM. $20 if registered by 12/24, $25 after.

  • SAGE Yoga January 2019
    with Connie Hull

    Connie Hull will once again lead her students to greater range of motion, vitality, and health in her series aimed for beginner and advanced students ages 65 and up. "Silver and Gold Elder" Yoga takes place on 6 Tuesdays, and uses bolsters, chairs, the floor, and the wall to adapt yoga postures for every body. Enjoy happy, healthy, and wise aging!

    6 Tuesdays beginning January 8th. 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. 


  • Back Care Therapy Series
    with Bonnie Pariser

    Yoga practice has been shown to help alleviate back pain. However not all poses work for all back pain. Bonnie is a Yoga Therapist who specializes in back pain. Working with her you will find the right exercises for your body. 

    The Structural Yoga Therapy techniques you will learn will help to heal your body. You will be able to continue the practices at home and adapt other yoga poses and exercises in order to continue to address your needs. 

    Each session will end with 15-20 minutes of TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) and a guided relaxation. 
    Previous yoga experience is not necessary! This workshop will benefit anyone who  suffers from back pain.

    3 Wednesdays beginning January 9th, 6:30 to 7:30 PM. $44 for all three sessions. Pre-registration highly suggested.

    **Register with a friend and you both receive a 10% discount**

  • Yoga Sutras: Your Path to Liberation
    with Bonnie Pariser

    Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the handbook for the mind, instructs us how to live harmoniously, allowing us to build a platform for a truly satisfying life, and free ourselves from the tangles of the mind. In this class we will investigate the self-inquiry and other practices suggested throughout the sutras to help us gain a thorough understanding of our minds and help us rediscover our original state of being. If you are interested in studying the heart of yoga philosophy, this class is for you. Each session will be recorded for your use.

    3 Wednesdays from 7:40 PM to 8:40 PM. $38 if registered by 12/30, $48 after.

  • Meditation for Beginners
    with David Pittenger

    Learn how to calm the storm! In this meditation workshop David will teach you the tools for being at peace during the stressful time called life. You will also receive invaluable tools for gaining insight into the mind.

    David Pittenger brings his 20 years of experience in meditation and yoga to this weekly workshop. There will be two brief sittings with time for questions. Beginners welcome.

    3 Saturdays from 10:45 AM TO 12:15 PM.


    **Register with a friend and you both take 10% off**

  • Self Expression Back to the Source
    with Rafael Bruitron

    Join Rafael Buitron for a mantra workshop dedicated to recognizing how the feelings and emotions reveal themselves in the body. Through the power of mantra and bhakti, you will learn to to express, release, and surrender those emotions back to the divine consciousness.

    Saturday, 1/12, 3 PM to 5 PM. 

    $20 if registered by 1/5, $25 after

    **Register for both this workshop and the "Asana to Live Music" class for $50 if registered by 1/5, $40 after**

  • Asana to Live Music with Rafael
    with Rafael Bruitron

    Moving to mantra is a perfect way to embody their power. Bonnie will lead an asana practice to the soulful sounds of chanting by Rafael Buitron. Call and response chanting, meditation, and relaxation will all be a part of the practice. All levels of asana practitioner are welcome to attend.

    Saturday, 1/12, 6 PM to 7:30 PM.

    $35 if registered by 1/5, $40 after.

    **Register for this class as well as "Self Expression Back to the Source" for $50 by 1/5, or $65 after**

  • Intro to Yoga for Complete Beginners
    with Cindy Buckley

    What can a yoga practice  do for you?

    If you are interested in reducing tension, fatigue, and anxiety, clearing your mind, getting deeper sleep, reducing pain, increasing range of motion, and reducing the negative effects of stress, then yoga might be just right for you. Registration is required.

    5 Mondays, 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. $65 if registered by 1/8, $75 after.

    ** Register with a friend and you can both take 10% off **

  • Yoga Basics January 2019
    with Cindy Buckley

    Cindy will help you learn and refine basic yoga poses in this 6 week workshop style series. Questions are encouraged, assuring that you will be able to apply the practice of yoga to your body and your life.

    Thursdays 7 to 8 pm. 6 sessions starting 1/17.


  • Unplug & Unwind: A Silent Yin Yoga Retreat
    with Sally Miller

    Join Sally Miller for her day long retreat to go inward, exploring the body, mind, and emotions with the support of a group. Reestablish your connect with nature and the physical body through meditation, yin yoga, mapping the meridians, and spiritual discussion. CLICK HERE for more detailed information, including the full itinerary of the day. Vegan lunch is included. Open to anyone with some meditation and yoga experience, but is not appropriate for complete beginners.

    Saturday, February 9th, 12 - 9 PM. $150, includes lunch.

    REGISTER THROUGH SALLY MILLER'S WEBSITE BY CLICKING HERE , by going to www.sallymilleryoga.com, or by calling 215.862.2770. Booking through Yoga Loka does not reserve your spot.

  • Live Music and Asana, with Girish and Bonnie
    with Bonnie Pariser

    Move through mindful vinyasa lead by Amarjyothi while being surrounded by the sultry sounds of Bhakti mantras and music by Girish. 

    All levels of ability are welcome in this very special experience combining movement and mantra. Some experience in yoga asana is suggested.

    Wednesday, May 1st, 7:00 - 8:30pm.

    $35 in advance, $40 at the door. Space is limited, register early!

  • Somatic Yin Yoga
    with Sally Miller

    Somatic Yin Yoga: Weaving Silence, Stillness, and Softness Iinto Your Yoga Practice for Greater Balance in Your Life

    Yin yoga offers tools, techniques, and a somatic approach to deepening our spiritual practice. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to move our awareness from external stimuli to the inner landscape. We’ll practice meeting what we find in the body with tenderness and an open heart, bringing softness to places of tension and allowing the tension to reveal itself to us fully without judgement or criticism. We’ll discuss how approaching a yin yoga posture as a unique, profound opportunity for meditation practice increases its effectiveness. You’ll receive a summary of the "5 Essentials of Somatic Yin Yoga" and guidance about how to continue at home. If you find yourself yearning for more stillness in your life, and more acceptance of your body, this class is for you.

    Saturday 5/11, 3 PM to 5 PM. $35 if registered by 5/3, $40 after.